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1. The talent reserves: reserve cadres, university graduates, strong self-control and foresight, works has the courage, the main is to work hard, can bear hardships and stand hard work, in a strange environment can as soon as possible to adapt and change, identify with the company culture, obedient company manages, start from the grass-roots level become leaders agreed the company executives
2. The company is a large family, with patriotism, love and selfless dedication spirit would love the company, has a strong executive force and cohesion, everything from the perspective of the company consider, be everyone admired executives
3 have strong organizational skills, regular organization of company activities, in order to drive everyone's active
4. Actively cooperate with the company leadership and colleagues of all things, do have a clear conscience, only better, no best, organize departments between meetings, share and review, and strive to complete the tasks assigned by the company
5. Business to business, the affair for the private affairs, during the work belong to the business, never put privacy into work time. This is the workplace is the most taboo, but not with emotion work



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